Kodi Rubber Top Gel 8 ml.

Kodi Rubber Top Gel 8 ml.

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Rubber Top (Rubber top coating for gel polish). Rubber Top Gel is a special topcoat with unique properties due to the presence of rubber fibers in the composition. It is used as the final coating and has a dispersion layer. Rubber Top Gel coating gives the nails an intense shine for a long time. The consistency of optimum density and viscosity allows the product to be applied evenly and thinly without spreading. The product has no odor.


  • Protects the decorative coating of the gel with varnish from external factors;
  • Provides impeccable durability and elasticity, preventing chipped and detached;
  • Performs an aesthetic function, giving the nails a complete and well-groomed appearance.

Recommendations for application: Apply a thin layer.

Drying time: UV lamp 36 W - 2 minutes; LED - 30 seconds.

Easily removable when using a special tool Tips Off.

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