BASE and TOP 2in1 8 ml.

BASE and TOP 2in1 8 ml.

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The BASE and TOP for gel-lacquer 2 in 1 is a unique multifunctional tool. Used as a base before applying gel-varnish to the nail and at the same time as a fixer in the last stage. A good product that always gives an excellent result: both when applied to a prepared natural nail, and when working with artificial nails.

When applying the product before applying the colored gel-varnish you will get an excellent base which will create a perfectly smooth relief and prepare the surface for further application of the next coating layer.

When using the product after applying a colored gel-varnish, the manicure gets an incredibly stable glossy shine. Also, the finish coat will help preserve the beautiful color of the gel-varnish, prevent the appearance of haze and cracks, protect the nails from further peeling and chipping. The agent dries quickly in a UV lamp, it is very easy and effortless to remove from the nail.

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