Kodi Color Base "BRIGHT RED" 7ml.


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A color base is an excellent solution when performing a manicure, especially in terms of saving time. It has the properties of a classic base and the pigmentation of a standard decorative permanent coating. A series of color bases Color Base Gel by the famous international brand Kodi Professional has a rich palette of shades, which is constantly updated with new, trendy colors. 

Bright Red base gel has a vibrant red color that draws attention and collects compliments. The bases are easy to apply, guarantee good adhesion and have thixotropic properties. We recommend applying under the Color Base a thin layer of Rubber Base Gel with rubbing movements, with the following polymerization for 30 seconds in a LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp. 

Apply the Color Base in 2 thin layers with polymerization of each layer for 90-120 seconds.

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