Kodi Color Base "ILLUMINATING" 8ml.


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Color Rubber Base Gel, ILLUMINATING Kodi professional 8ml.

Color rubber base gel Illuminating is a bright yellow color base. A nail polish in this clear, sunny and life-affirming color will become the main focus of your image, adding liveliness and expressiveness to it, and will also provide an opportunity to receive positive emotions from every day you live.

The Illuminating color base is used as an independent coating, providing alignment and strengthening of nails. Possessing improved adhesive ability, it perfectly interacts with the nail plate and does not require the application of a substrate. Good thixotropy and consistency of medium viscosity guarantee easy application without running.

It is recommended to apply Color rubber base gel Illuminating in 2 layers: the first layer is as thin as possible, rubbing movements; the second layer is more dense. The polymerization of each layer is 30-60 seconds in the LED lamp. The base dries well even in a dense layer. Has a sticky layer.

When used with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of Rubber base gel under the Illuminating color base.

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