Kodi Color Base "PLUM" 7ml.


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The color base has firmly entered the everyday life of manicure masters, because this mean is quite functional and versatile, helping masters save time spent on the procedure, and, therefore, increase their income. Color Base Gel by the international brand Kodi Professional combines the properties of a classic base for gel polish and a decorative coating. They have sufficient adhesion to create a strong bond, prolong the wear of the manicure and give the nails sufficient color saturation. 

The palette of shades is constantly replenished with current novelties, the stylish Plum color is one of them. We recommend applying under the Color Base a thin layer of Rubber Base Gel with rubbing movements, with the following polymerization for 30 seconds in a LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp. Apply the Color Base in 2 thin layers with polymerization of each layer for 90-120 seconds.

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