Kodi Cover Base Gel № 01, 30ml.


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Cover Base Gel №01 (camouflage base coat), 30ml. The camouflage base coat, created by the leading experts of the international brand KODI PROFESSIONAL, is a modern nail material that is popular with many masters around the world. Now your favorite base is available in an enlarged, updated 30 ml bottle.

Cover Base Gel No. 01 is a warm peach color with flawless pigmentation that helps hide imperfections and irregularities in the nail plate. The base has a medium consistency for ease of application, it does not spread and has good adhesive properties. Suitable for both a monochromatic coating and as a base for a French manicure.

It is recommended to apply in two layers, the first layer is applied very thinly, rubbing movements. Curing time - 30-60 seconds in LED lamp, 2 minutes in UV lamp. Since the base contains a sufficiently large amount of pigment, for thin and weak nails it is recommended to apply a thin Rubber Base before applying Cover Base to improve adhesion.

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