Kodi Cover Base Gel № 02, 30ml.

Kodi Cover Base Gel № 02, 30ml.

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Cover Base Gel №02 (camouflage base coat), 30ml. The camouflage base coat, created by the leading experts of the international brand KODI PROFESSIONAL, is a modern nail material that is popular with many masters around the world. Now your favorite base is available in an enlarged, updated 30ml bottle.

Cover Base Gel No. 02 is a universal, cool, pink shade. The base has a medium consistency, easy to apply, does not spread, soluble.

It is recommended to apply in two layers, the first layer is applied very thinly, rubbing movements. Curing time - 30-60 seconds in LED lamp, 2 minutes in UV lamp. Since the base contains a sufficiently large amount of pigment, for thin and weak nails it is recommended to apply a thin Rubber Base before applying Cover Base to improve adhesion.

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