Kodi Cover Base Gel Flake № 02, 7ml.


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Cover Base Gel Flake 02. A new series of creative camouflage bases Cover Base Gel Flake from the popular brand Kodi Professional is an up-to-date, ultra-trend coating with the addition of a decorative element in the form of shiny, metallic flakes.

Cover Base Gel Flake Camouflage bases have a medium-viscous consistency, are easy to apply and have the ability to self-level. They can be applied without a transparent base without fear of shortening the wear time. The base has a good level of adhesion, which contributes to the creation of a high-quality, stylish manicure. Cover Base Gel Flake 02 is the most delicate, delicate milky lilac color with the addition of pink, metallic flakes of different sizes, which creates an unusual effect of special visual depth.

When leveling, it is recommended to apply the first layer thinly, rubbing movements. We polymerize in a UV or LED lamp and then apply a second leveling layer. The polymerization time of each layer is 30 seconds.

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