Kodi Cover Base Gel № 01, 7ml.

Kodi Cover Base Gel № 01, 7ml.

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Cover base gel - a basic coating with a pronounced camouflage effect, indispensable for solving a number of problems in nail aesthetics. Recommended for French design, allows you to lengthen the nail bed and hide the imperfections of the natural nail plate. The product is characterized by optimal viscosity, self-leveling properties, has a dispersion layer. Not recommended as a base coat for color gel polish.

To improve adhesion, before applying the camouflage base, Cover base gel should be applied with a thin layer (with rubbing movements) of the Rubbe rbase gel base coat, since any gel products containing pigment have less pronounced adhesive properties, unlike those that do not.

Polymerization time Cover base gel: in a 36 Watt UV lamp - 2 minutes, in an LED lamp - 30-60 seconds.

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