Kodi Color Base "PASTEL #04" 7ml.


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Color Base Gel by the popular Kodi Professional brand has a number of advantages over standard bases. It saves time and consumables, because one base can immediately replace the standard Rubber Base for gel polish and decorative coating. Also, the base is durable and easy to apply and spread, has a good adhesion. 

Due to the richness of pigmentation, it is able to camouflage and hide small flaws in the nail plate, creating a flawless manicure in 2 simple steps. A wide palette of shades will open up limitless scope for experimentation. 

Color Base Gel Pastel No.4 has a pastel vanilla yellow shade. It is used as an independent coating. Perfect for summer nail art options. At the same time, the calm and cheerful yellow shade of this base instantly lifts your spirits and sets you in a positive mood.

Recommendations for application: under the pigmented base, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of Rubber base gel or Quick Base with rubbing movements, and polymerize it for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp. Apply the pigmented base in 2 thin layers polymerizing each layer for 90-120 seconds. 

At the discretion of the master, it is allowed to apply one layer with slight (minimal) leveling of the nail plate if necessary. Polymerization in this case is also 90-120 seconds.

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