Kodi Quick Base, 15ml.


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Quick Base, 15ml.

A universal base for gel polish Quick Base, developed by the popular international brand Kodi Professional, is an expert in elastic coating with increased adhesion. The base is suitable for working with all types of nail plates.   

The product has traditionally retained the high quality and thoughtfulness of the formula: the base is economical in work and itself creates a perfect highlight on the surface. Elastic, low-temperature, due to its adhesive properties, provides a dense vacuum coating and trouble-free wear for 3 weeks. Possesses the increased resistance to stress. Compatible with any color and top coats. Suitable as a base layer for modeling material and for gel tips.  Recommended nail length for coating: XS, S, M, L.  

For all types of nail plates. For experienced masters.   

Curing time: 30 sec in LED lamp.

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