Kodi LINT Base Gel 12ml.

Kodi LINT Base Gel 12ml.

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LINT Base Gel 12ml.

Correctly selected basecoat is the key to excellent gel polish wearability. Base for gel polish Lint Base Gel - a real find for owners of weak and brittle nails. The peculiarity of this novelty from KODI PROFESSIONAL is the presence of ultrathin silky microfibers in the composition, which, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, create on the nail plate a strong reinforcing mesh that prevents fragility of nails and the formation of flaws - scratches, chips and cracks.

The base is applied with a thin uniform layer in front of a color gel polish using the standard technology of a 3 phase gel polish system. Ideal for thin and flexible nails, it is recommended for strengthening and leveling nails. The product has excellent adhesive properties and, thanks to its consistency of optimum thickness, is easy to apply. It has a dispersion layer. Not used for modeling artificial nails. Polymerization time: 36W UV lamp - 2 minutes; LED - 30 seconds. Removed by means of TipsOff.

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