Kodi Rubber Base Gel BLACK 8ml.

Kodi Rubber Base Gel BLACK 8ml.

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Rubber Base Gel BLACK 8ml.

Rubber Base gel Black - new KODI PROFESSIONAL. This is a well-known basis for the masters with rubber fibers in the composition, which ensures flawless wearability of the coating, but is rich in black pigments. The black base allows you to optimally camouflage the nail plate for the qualitative manifestation of the various effects of gel polishes, where a dark substrate is needed.

Rubber Base gel Black has excellent adhesive properties. Thanks to the self-leveling texture, it perfectly corrects the irregularities of the nail plate, preparing it for gel polish. Moderately viscous consistency ensures easy application without spreading. The base can be used as an independent coating and as a dark substrate for a gel polish with a translucent or radiant texture to achieve a brighter and more saturated effect. Prevents cracks, chips, delaminations, with the result that the coating is worn for a long time in immaculate condition. It has a sticky layer.

Recommendations for application: apply a thin layer. Polymerization time: 36W UV lamp - 2 minutes; LED - 30 seconds. Easily removed when using the special tool TipsOff.

Release form: a bottle from black opaque glass, of 8 ml. Cover with tassel.

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