Kodi Rubber Base Gel WHITE 8ml.

Kodi Rubber Base Gel WHITE 8ml.

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Rubber Base Gel WHITE 8ml.

KODI PROFESSIONAL is a long-awaited novelty that expands the color palette of professional bases for the implementation of gel-nail polish. The best-proven rubber base under gel lacquer Rubber Base gel is now available in natural white.

Rubber Base gel White, retaining all the properties characteristic of rubber bases, has a camouflage effect, can be used as a standalone coating, as well as a white base substrate under the gel varnish. It is recommended for clients with uneven color and pronounced unevenness of the nail plate. It is characterized by a self-leveling texture, has a sticky layer. The base is easy to apply, does not spread, provides excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate and, as a result, a long period of wear without cracking and chipping.

Recommendations for application: apply a thin layer. Polymerization time: 36W UV lamp - 2 minutes; LED - 30 seconds. Easily removed when using the special tool Tips Off.

Release form: a bottle from black opaque glass, of 8 ml. Cover with tassel.

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