Kodi Primer (Acid primer) 10ml.

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Kodi Primer (Acid primer) 10ml.
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Primer (Acid primer) 10ml.

Important information! Primer contains a component that freezes at a temperature of + 17C (crystallizes). It is not recommended to unscrew the primer cap at temperatures below + 17C (the brush may break)!

KODI PROFESSIONAL Acid Primer is made on the basis of methacrylic acid. The use of this tool ensures reliable adhesion of the polymer material and the nail plate. The components included in the composition do not harm the natural nail and prevent the appearance of fungal infections.

Ingredient: Methacrylic Acid, Butyl Acetate, Butyl Methacrylate

Why do you need an acidic primer?

Acid nail extension primers are used to prepare the base for modeling. This product makes the surface rough, increasing the adhesion to the artificial turf. In addition, it also dehydrates and degreases, which helps to hold the polymer firmly and not flake off for a significant time.

Experts refer to the advantages of this cosmetic product as its ability to prevent the growth of bacteria under the created coating. If the drug is not used under gel polish, a fungus may develop, and it is not so easy to cure nails from it.

Acid nail primer and how to use it?

During work, the master must be as careful as possible and observe precautions, because if it comes into contact with soft tissues and skin, the product may cause irritation or even a slight burn.

Instructions for Kodi Acid Primer:

 - Push back the cuticle with a pusher (orange stick), use a file to prepare the nail, removing the natural shine, and wipe off the resulting sawdust with a brush.

 - Apply an acidic primer to the nail plate.

 - Collect a small amount of the substance, squeeze out the excess on the edge of the bottle, additionally blot the brush with a paper napkin.

 - Apply the brush to the middle of the nail, allowing the product to spread evenly over the entire surface.

 - Make sure that the substance does not fall into the cut-throat area and does not come into contact with the skin, in case of contact with the epidermis, rinse with plenty of water.

 - A thin layer of PRIMER is required for maximum effect.

 - Let the applied layer dry. The surface is ready for nail modeling and stunning nail art.

It is important to know that PRIMER contains a component that crystallizes at a temperature of + 17C. Perform all work at a higher temperature.

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