Kodi Ultrabond (Acid-free primer) 12ml.

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Kodi Ultrabond (Acid-free primer) 12ml.

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Ultrabond (acid-free primer) is a methacrylic acid-free primer. It is safe for the health of the nail plate and periungual zone, does not have a pungent odor, unlike products that contain acid.

This acid-free nail extension primer is actively used by nail art masters in gel systems for modeling with biolac, as well as before gel polish. The product has a mild and delicate effect on natural nails.

The product works most effectively in tandem with the Neil fresher KODI PROFESSIONAL degreaser. Ultrabond increases the durability of the coating. Thanks to this product, the pristine shine of the gel coating is preserved for a long time. The Ultrabond is economically consumed, so even a volume of 12ml is enough for a long time. It is easy to use and is suitable for both novice craftsmen and experienced professionals. The bottle contains a convenient brush, which is easy to apply with a thin layer.

Advantages of Ultrabond from the KODI PROFESSIONAL:

 - The acid-free nail primer has a liquid consistency, which is convenient to pick up with a brush and apply in a thin layer to the surface of the nail. The texture allows you to cover the entire nail plate at once in one movement.

 - The created layer prolongs the durability of the coating and protects the natural nail from the effects of polymer dyes. Acid-free nail extension primers prevent the appearance of yellowness and delamination of the nail plate. They also disinfect the nail so that microorganisms do not develop between the coating and the natural surface.

How to use, instructions - acid-free Ultrabond?

The algorithm for applying an acid-free primer is simple:

 - Push back the cuticle with a wooden stick or pusher spatula ..

 - Use a file to remove the natural shine.

 - Remove the formed sawdust with a stiff-bristled brush.

 - Draw a small amount of an acid-free primer, squeeze the excess on the edge of the bottle.

 - Apply the brush to the center of the nail and let the product spread evenly over the entire nail.

 - Adjust the resulting coating, avoiding contact with the skin. In case of contact with the epidermis, rinse with running water. Try to get a thin coating, otherwise the scales will not rise.

 - Wait for the coating to dry and turn whitish.

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