Cuticle Oil with antibacterial effect 15ml.

Cuticle Oil with antibacterial effect 15ml.

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KODI PROFESSIONAL offers a wide range of cuticle oils, allowing you to choose the best products for salon and home use. Cuticle oil with an antibacterial effect is so effective in use that it will become indispensable in solving a number of tasks when caring for nails. This tool is recommended for use at the final stage when performing a manicure, as well as for everyday care of problematic cuticles (if there are signs of infection, with small wounds and cracks). It is not a drug.

The oil contains an effective disinfecting component, which penetrates deeply into the periungual zone, has a disinfectant effect, stimulates rapid healing and restoration of the skin, and the nutrient components soften the cuticle and make it elastic. Convenient compact dispenser bottle and light texture for easy and hygienic use. With regular use, the cuticle takes on a neat and well-groomed appearance.

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