Kodi Nail Fresher 12ml.

Kodi Nail Fresher 12ml.

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NAIL FRESHER (Nails degreaser), 12ml.

One of the prerequisites for a long-lasting nail polish or high-quality nail modeling is optimal adhesion between the natural nail and the artificial material, which is achieved by degreasing and dehydrating the nail plate.

Nail Fresher is a professional product with a mild action, designed to safely clean the surface of the nail plate from excess natural grease and dust. The tool is used at the preparatory stage in the gel-varnish coating system, as well as when performing the procedure for modeling nails. Additionally, Nail Fresher dehydrates and disinfects the nail plate in order to avoid the development of pathogenic microorganisms. In combination with other means of the system, it ensures good fixation of the artificial material with the nail and, as a result, ensures the optimal wear of the coating in time.

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