Cuticle remover with fruit acids 15ml.

Cuticle remover with fruit acids 15ml.

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Cuticle remover with fruit acids, 15 ml.

A dry cuticle is the first thing that can be processed when performing a hygienic manicure. It depends on the condition of the cuticle how neat and well-groomed the nails will look. The assortment of KODI PROFESSIONAL includes cuticle removers of various types and forms of release. These products are not only indispensable in the treatment of cuticles, but also help to solve related problems, provide additional care for the health of the skin and beauty of the nails.

Cuticle remover with fruit acids quickly prepares the cuticle for removal and prevents further burrs. The product is characterized by a gentle action. The citrus acids that make up the composition provide effective softening of the cuticle, allow you to remove it delicately and effortlessly. Bilberry myrtle extract and sugarcane extract promote fast skin regeneration after the procedure.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the product to the skin around the nail plate and wait 30-60 seconds. Use a pusher to remove softened cuticles. Rinse off the remnants of the remover with water or remove with a lint-free cloth moistened with degreaser.

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