Gel polish № 01 LC, 12ml.

Gel polish № 01 LC, 12ml.

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Kodi Professional presents NEW "BASIC COLLECTION" of gels nail polish.

SIZE 12 ml.

The collection contains 170 of the most relevant and demanded by the masters and their customers shades, segmented by color series. The main advantage of gel varnishes of this collection is a dense and saturated color in two layers of application. Gel lacquers are opaque, do not strip and do not spread. 

After applying to the nail, wait a few seconds until the coating is leveled and only then go to the polymerization stage. It is recommended to uniformly coat two thin layers with polymerization of each layer in the UV lamp - 2 minutes, in the LED lamp - 30 seconds.

Gel polish №01 LC (LILAC series) has an enamel texture, color is purple.

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