Gel polish № 01LCA, 8ml.

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Gel polish  № 01LCA, 8ml.
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GEL Polish № 01 LCA, 8 ml

KODI PROFESSIONAL is pleased with its customers with a new limited collection of gel varnishes “Autumn Jazz”, which reflects the main trends of the autumn-winter season in the nail industry. The color palette consists of 8 deep muted shades that add to the image of comfort and warmth. Like the basic collection of gel polishes, this series is produced according to a new formula that provides a dense, saturated and uniform color of the coating in just two layers of application. Highly pigmented shades polymerize well and do not leave pigment on the top brush. 

Gel polish № 01 LCA in a muted raspberry shade. 

The texture of gel varnishes "Autumn Jazz" - enamel.

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