Gel polish "Moon light" 5D-5, 8ml.

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Gel polish "Moon light" 5D-5, 8ml.
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The effect of running glare on the nails, also known as the effect of a cat's eye, today is undergoing a rebirth and is again climbing the wave of popularity.

The limited collection “Moonlight 5D” by KODI PROFESSIONAL is gel cat lacquers that are familiar to you with the effect of cat's eye, but with a new multifaceted sound.

Due to its rich texture, gel polish has excellent hiding properties and creates a dense coating without gaps. But the main advantage lies in the duochrome properties of this collection of gel polishes, due to which the coating captivates with intriguing shimmering tints of two shades on the nails. The technology of working with these gel varnishes traditionally requires the use of a special magnet, which ensures the attraction of metal microparticles evenly distributed in the pigment mass and, thus, forms a characteristic highlight.

Recommendation for use: to achieve the most saturated and bright effect, use black Gel Polish No. 100BW as a substrate.

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