Magnet For Gel Polish "MOON LIGHT" ("CAT EYE") and 5D


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The magnet for gel polish “Moonlight” and "5D" is a special tool designed to perform the effect of a “cat's eye” stone when working with magnetic gel varnishes of the “MoonLight” collection. The magnet for gel polish helps to attract, and as a result, provides lifting to the surface of the coating from the general mass of magnetic gel polish metal particles. Due to its targeted properties, this professional accessory allows you to create a flickering, running on the surface, flare, also known as the chrysoberyl effect, in any order and to complete the original design. The magnet for gel polish also makes it possible to create patterns - for this you should perform tool movements in different directions parallel to the surface of the coating.

Method of application: Immediately after applying a thin layer of Moonlight gel polish, bring the tool to the surface of the nail plate at a distance of 3 mm and hold it until the cat-eye stone effect appears - 5-7 seconds. Then complete the coating, observing the standard technology for applying gel polish.

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